STEAM Project – Build a Boat

Daniel’s boat successfully carried a cargo weighing 3kgs!

Alex designed a boat and carried a load of 1.356 kg

There was excellent engagement with this week’s STEAM project. The class had to design a boat that could carry the heaviest load. Please see how the leaderboard looked on completion:
Top 5 Weights
1st – Daniel B. – 3.000 kg
2nd – Rory M. – 1.748 kg
3rd – Alex F. – 1.356 kg
4th – Jack C. – 1.275 kg
5th – Amelia S. – 1.086 kg

Also in our STEAM projects we made some bridges using A4 paper. Lots of people used a multitude of techniques and various sizes of coins so rather that pick a winner well done to Gavin, Jack, Alex, Rory, Sarah, Cillian and Daniel who recorded excellent weights held.