Education Passports for Sixth Class 2020

National Council for Curriculum and Assessment

Hi everyone!

Please see the following links to the NCCA passports for 6th class children. The Education Passport materials support the transfer of pupil information from primary to post-primary school and have become mandatory since 2015.

Your child’s Education Passport consists of:
• 6th class end of year report card, which I will be writing up this week.
• My Profile sheet completed by your child.
• My Child’s Profile sheet which you are invited to complete.

The information contained in the Education Passport is intended to:
• Provide a rounded picture of your child’s progress and achievement at primary school.
• Help your child to continue to make progress
• Signal to post-primary schools where additional support(s) may be needed to help your child’s learning

This form is for your child (the pupil) to fill out:

This form is for the parent to fill out:

Please download both of these documents and then type on them directly. To save them when completed, you can click, ‘print’ , ‘save as pdf’. When both have been completed please send them back to me at
I will need to send these to your child’s secondary school so can you please email me the two completed forms by next Friday, the 12th June 2020. I’ll print them off and send the completed passport to your child’s secondary school and we’ll have another box ticked. If you have any questions on this matter please contact me at the above email.

Kindest Regards,

David Eyres

What is Art to Me?

For the past 3 weeks the class have been examining what art is or means to them. They have created some excellent pieces of work and I am delighted to be able to display them now below. If anyone still wants to send in some of their artwork I’ll happily add it to the gallery. This was supposed to be a competition but really so many were so equally brilliant I think it would be very unfair of me to select one. You’ll see what I mean below! I’ve a feeling that I’ve left someone out and if I have please let me know by email and I’ll add your piece to the presentation. In no particular order here they are. Enjoy!

STEAM Project – Build a Boat

Daniel’s boat successfully carried a cargo weighing 3kgs!

Alex designed a boat and carried a load of 1.356 kg

There was excellent engagement with this week’s STEAM project. The class had to design a boat that could carry the heaviest load. Please see how the leaderboard looked on completion:
Top 5 Weights
1st – Daniel B. – 3.000 kg
2nd – Rory M. – 1.748 kg
3rd – Alex F. – 1.356 kg
4th – Jack C. – 1.275 kg
5th – Amelia S. – 1.086 kg

Also in our STEAM projects we made some bridges using A4 paper. Lots of people used a multitude of techniques and various sizes of coins so rather that pick a winner well done to Gavin, Jack, Alex, Rory, Sarah, Cillian and Daniel who recorded excellent weights held.

P.E. competitions for the Week – Leaderboards

100 Metre Shuttle Run – Top 3

1st – Sarah McN – 26.15 secs

2nd – Dara K – 27 secs

3rd – Rory – 28 secs


1st – Rory M – 2mins 20 secs

2nd – Sarah McN – 2mins 19 secs

3rd – Cillian M. – held for 1min 07secs

Wall Sit

1st – Rory M. – held for 4mins: 08 secs

2nd – Eimear B. – held for 1min: 38 secs

3rd – Cillian M. – held for 1 min: 32 secs


1st – Sarah McN – 109 skips in 1 minute

2nd – Rory M – 77 skips in 1 minute

3rd – Cillian M. – 66 skips in 1 minute