7km challenge completed


Every September in 6th class we practise running. We start off by running for a period of 30 seconds, followed by a minute and work towards completing a 7km run to the local shop in June. Well this year was no different and the 6th class completed the run in a record time. Well done to all our athletes!

Confirmation Day

We celebrated our Confirmation on the 27th April this year. We were delighted to welcome Bishop Fintan to Ballyea and we thank him for celebrating the mass along with Fr. Pat and Fr. Harry. We also thank our parents and teachers for making the day so special for us.


Science: Air Pressure

In science in January we have looked at air pressure and designed, predicted and fabricated air pressurised rockets using materials such as balloons, chord, straws and tape. Experiments were recorded and this ties in nicely with our procedural writing which is our functional writing genre for the month!

20180117_095510 20180117_101611

Gymnastics in Sixth

In Sixth class we always aim to be a happy, fit, active class. From yoga with Rosie on a Monday to hurling and camogie training on Tuesday along with Ms. Pigott taking us for basketball. We are currently doing HIIT sessions twice a week and running regularly. In January we are focusing on gymnastics and looking at various rolls and sequences.  Take a look at the pics below to see our progress!20180119_144828 20180119_144824 20180112_135111 20180112_135135

A Celebrity I Admire!

Having completed mini projects on the topic of celebrities that we admire, the class have now sent letters to these various people and requested autographs to accompany their projects. We discussed the reasons that we might admire celebrities and the qualities in them that are worthy or our admiration. Letters have been posted to a plethora of celebrities at home and abroad such as Ellen DeGeneres, J.K. Rowling, Ed Sheeran, Philly McMahon and T.J. Reid. We faithfully await some replies!20180111_102624 20180111_102637 20180111_102630

Flat Stanley!

In Sixth class we have packed Flat Stanley away in his envelope and posted him around the world to countries such as Sweden, Australia, England, the U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Italy and many more destination. Luckily for Stanley he can travel to anywhere in the world for he price of a postage stamp! We are really looking forward to getting more replies from around the world!

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