June in Senior Infants

Our theme for June was Summer!
This is our last month in Senior Infants!
We have worked hard this year and we are looking forward to our summer holidays!
We went to Galway on our school tour! It was so much fun!
We went on a day trip to Cappa and the Vandaleur Gardens! The hedge maze was a-MAZE-ing!!:)
We learned so much in senior infants. I hope you enjoyed all our photos!
We are ready for first class next year!


May in Senior Infants

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Our theme for May was birthdays!
Birthdays are so much fun!
We made, painted and glaized our own clay cupcakes:)
We made a birthday bar graph to see how many birthdays there are in our class each month.
June had the most – there are 7 students in our class with birthdays in June!
We had fun learning birthday words and games:)

April in Senior Infants

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Our theme for April was Transport!
We learned all about the ways things travel.
We learned about transport now and long ago.
We did a science experient on cars.
We did a ‘Car Colour Survey’ outside the school.
We made our own hot air balloons and boats!

March in Senior Infants

Our themes this month were: Animals; St. Patrick’s Day; and Easter!
We learned a lot about animal homes and habits.
We compared life on the farm today with long ago.
We made our own butter!!
We celebrated World Book Day! An author came to visit us.
We learned about the life of St. Patrick. We made tri-colour shamrocks!
We celebrated ‘Lá na Gaeilge!’ We learned Irish dancing and songs!
We completed our Food Dudes programme. We are healthy eaters!
We did Easter craft activities. We made Easter baskets!
We went on a fun Easter hunt!

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February in Senior Infants

Our theme this month was Spring.
We made St. Brigid crosses.
We observed the signs of Spring outside.
We learned about the changing seasons.
We finished our six week Literacy Lift-Off programme.
We are excellent readers and writers!
We are learning new hurling and camogie skills every week.
We made and ate pancakes on Pancake Tuesday!
We made Mother’s Day cards too:)

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January in Senior Infants

Our theme this month was Winter!
We observed the signs of Winter.
We learned lots about winter weather and winter clothes.
We know how to keep warm in winter.
We learned about what happens to animals, birds and plants in the winter.
We talked about hibernation and migration.
We started our six week Literacy Lift-Off programme.
We also starting hurling and camogie skills training!
We are learning so much!

20180119_133507 20180119_133600 20180119_134507 20180119_134945 20180118_134910 20180111_104254 20180110_134441 20180110_122514 20180110_115654


December in Senior Infants

Our theme this month was Christmas and Santa’s Workshop!
We worked hard to prepare our Christmas play!
We said our lines and sang our songs very well.
Look at our Christmas costumes!
We played in Santa’s workshop!
Santa came to visit our school.
We gave him our letters.
It was very exciting!

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November in Senior Infants

Our theme this November was food.
We learned lots about this topic.
We learned about healthy and unhealthy food.
We went shopping for food in our play groups.
We learned about where food comes from.
We compared food long ago with food now.
It was so much fun:)

October in Senior Infants

We love Senior Infants!
We are learning to work together in pairs and groups.
Our reading and writing is getting better everyday!
We like Maths class – we have fun working with concrete materials.
We are geographers – we investigated the school grounds and found lots of signs of Autumn:)
We drew portaits of eachother in art class.
We finished our yoga course – it was great!
We dressed up for Halloween – we had so much fun!

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September in Senior Infants

We are happy to be in Senior Infants!
We are learning so much!
It is fun:)
We are learning to read and write everyday – we have fun in our literacy groups.
We like our games and puzzles in Maths class.
We are scientists – we investigated leaves and seeds.
We are artists too – we drew self portraits.
We enjoy our play groups. Aistear is so much fun!
We have started learning yoga too!


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