Making Teabags

In Science we investigated which paper makes the best teabag. We used filter paper, paper towel, cling film and tinfoil to wrap loose tea leaves in. We discovered that filter paper works best.

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Cross Country

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Congratulations to our Athletics Teams who competed in the East Clare Primary Schools Cross Country in Lee’s Road. The Clare finals will be held in Lee’s Road on November 14th at 11am.

Leaf Trail

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Mr Mc Corry brought us on a nature walk around the school grounds. We looked at the different types of trees and leaves. We identified the leaves with our leaf dial.

Lemon Suds

IMG_4557      IMG_4559

In Science we made lemon suds with baking soda which is a base and lemon juice which is an acid. When mixed they react by bubbling up and producing invisible carbon dioxide gas. The bubbles are full of this gas.