Killone Abbey SESE Trail

062D9F74-DF92-428E-AAF2-81AAC1EF1CDF1156F787-7D45-470A-AF78-D6322BF9D7F6606F0CF8-6208-4420-AE6E-C7FED4122BCEBCA74A1C-F37D-439E-968A-8F534816765BD74E04C8-1E79-434C-AB83-5C920B10E668FA37CDC2-B6B3-4C5D-A13F-C1B4126D61605A98C357-AFC5-402F-A43B-0F5453AF9550Nothing but Blue Skies promised so where in the world would you rather be? Killone Abbey and Lake. On 28th June 2018 Fifth and Sixth Class Pupils headed off on a stroll to the wonderful monument in our locality, Killone Abbey. We didn’t just look at Killone Abbey historically today, we also put our geography and scientific skills to the test. We collected and identified mini-beasts, some foliage samples, some wild flowers and completed some rubbings on various surfaces. There was a lot of work to attend to and we all got stuck in measuring, sampling and collecting. We enjoyed some of the local myths associated with Killone. It was a wonderful experience and we will bring our families back at some stage to teach them all we have learnt.

World Cup Fever 🌍

5653E01B-A245-469E-B624-737BC28EAC6EIn fifth class we’ve embraced World Cup Season. Each of us have a country we are supporting in the series. We award points for wins, hatricks, bicycle kicks etc. We deduct points for red cards O.G.s etc. Whatever country is in the lead on Friday morning 29th June 2018, the person who supports that country will receive a substantial gift, €20 Elverys Voucher. The stakes are high!

We are also enjoying our very own soccer tournament. Any excuse to get outside in the sunshine ☀️

No Bones About It!

In fifth class we have been carefully studying The Skeletal System. We have learned many interesting facts and are even able to label the main bones in our bodies. We looked at a chicken bone in our recent experiment. Did you ever wonder what was under that hard layer of calcium around bones? Well we found out. Our bones are actually flexible underneath. Take a look at our investigation pictures below. FYI a chicken bone in a jar of water smells really bad after a week. The proof is in the photos.  A chicken bone in vinegar after a week smells of vinegar.